Learning approach


Our outcome-based learning approach is designed to provide you with the knowledge that you need to fully implement and support your business intelligence solutions.  We provide flexible learning workshops and support to ensure that you meet your learning goals.

Our Approach:

We use the following outcome-based learning approach for our Smart Notification solutions:

  1. Establish Business Intelligence Solution Learning Outcomes:  In this very important first step, we will collaborate with your organization to paint a clear picture of your learning goals.  Once we have completed this step we will then create the roadmap to achieve your goals.
  2. Provide Teaching Activities:  For each solution workshop we  will assign an experienced instructor who will provide the knowledge,  tools and support needed to successfully implement your solutions.
  3. Assess your learning progress:  The workshop participants will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate that they have successfully completed their assigned workshop tasks.  Our instructors will provide the necessary support to ensure that each participant completes each task.